Andersen Consulting for Start-Ups

Today’s technology is not just limited to communication; it has also contributed to the creation and development of each and every human being’s activities. We have also witnessed the dynamism of the economies following this trend around the world, the development of productive activities of all countries immersed in the creation of new and diverse companies, satisfying and creating demands and proposals in both traditional and emerging sectors.

Entrepreneurship and the growth of business activities are increasing around the world and this phenomenon, identified as a business segment, the Start-ups, has also determined the need to create a platform for specific services and products targeting this booming sector of the world economy.

Andersen Consulting for Start-Ups offers an advisory and specialized service platform for Start-ups in different areas of expertise around the world through the professionals in the member firms and collaborating firms of Andersen Global. Our services aim at collaborating holistically in legal, tax, commercial and other issues in pursuit of a successful conceptualization, design, development, establishment, operations and strengthening of Start-ups so they can be competitive in the current economic environment.